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Children learn and grow every day. Make sure you help them develop good habits and skills by sending them to a nurturing day care center. We Play Drop Zone offers child care in Killeen, TX or Harker Heights, TX for kids up to 13 years old. We provide everything from naps to playtime with structured lessons that will help your child develop confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Our day care center has separate classes for children of different age groups. We offer child care for infants up to 17 months old and toddlers up to 2 years old. You can continue your child's care with an early childhood education program for 3-year olds and kids ready for pre-K education. Your child will benefit from a small, personal class that provides them with a safe space to learn and grow with other kids their age.

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Is Your Child Ready for Primary School in Killeen, TX or Harker Heights, TX?

We'll help them learn with our early childhood education program

We go the extra mile to ensure a safe environment

The safety and happiness of your child is our number one priority. You can trust that your child will be well cared for at We Play Drop Zone because...

  • We thoroughly vet and background check every staff member
  • We train our staff in up-to-date CPR and first aid practices
  • Our director and owner remains on-site to supervise activities

We provide a safe day care facility to give you peace of mind. You can drop off your child for scheduled day care or take advantage of hourly care if you just need to run an errand. We also provide after-school programs and can pick up your child from their primary school.

Call 254-892-2022 to find out more about our day care facility in Killeen, TX or 254-245-8181 for our Harker Heights, TX center.