COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates & Policies

We Play & More Preschool is looking forward to providing your children with a safe and fun school year. As we navigate through these trying times, we will continue to keep you updated on our health & safety policies regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. We ask that you please abide by our new procedures and precautions that we have put in place to ensure the safety of both our staff and students.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and please give us a call or reach out with any questions!

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Policies

  • Parents/Visitors will NOT be allowed to enter the building during drop-off or pick-up.
  • Face Masks are encouraged during drop-off/pick-up, but not mandatory.
  • Daily temperature checks will be conducted by our staff while wearing masks prior to entering the school.
  • Social distancing etiquette will be enforced.
  • Completing a daily health questionnaire with honest and accurate information. Anyone who answers yes to any of the below questions will be excluded. The questions are as follows (yes or no answers):   

    • ​​​​​​​Have you been in contact with anyone who has been affected or suspected of COVID-19?
    • Have you or anyone in your family traveled outside of Texas in the last 14 days?
    • Do you have trouble breathing? 
    • Have you or anyone around you had a dry cough that has lasted more than 3 days?

  • Devices/technology will be checked in upon arrival with the serial numbers recorded by staff. No outside electronics are permitted unless it’s used for an emergency only. All outside electronics will be placed in a locked area. Students are responsible for the devices/technology. We Play Drop Zone and We Play Too are NOT responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.​​​​​​​
  • Additional hand sanitizing will be available for parent use. Students will be asked to wash their hands and sanitize immediately upon entering their classroom.

During School Hours Policies:

  • Social distancing etiquette will be enforced, as well as additional hand washing & sanitation throughout the day.
  • Face Masks are encouraged for all students, but not required. Staff are required to wear face mask during school hours.
  • Additional cleaning, disinfecting and sanitation of our entire building (including each classroom, furniture, toys, equipment, etc) will be handled by staff.
  • All meals and snacks will be provided by We Play Drop Zone and served in each room separately.
  • Small groups of a 2:12 ratio
  • All students attending our virtual learning program will be required to supply a clear shower curtain (71’’x71’’), 2 sharpened pencils, a spiral notebook, loose leaf paper and blue/black pens. Shower curtains will be installed around the student’s desk to provide a safe, breathable and protective shield for the child.

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